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    SMC Moulding Press
    Name: H Frame SMC Moulding Press
    Model: TT-LM3500T/SMC
    Num: L48

    Digital Control, Common Control;
    Slow Speed, Medium Speed, Fast Speed; 
    Water Cooler, Air Cooler, Forced Chiller;
    Die Change/Die Clamp Device;
    Interval Lubrication, Cycle Lubrication;
    Upper Table Heating System, Lower Table Heating System,
    Die Change Trolley, Lower Moving Bolster,
    Mould Heating System.

    Product Details

    1.Frame structure enjoys outstanding rigidity. It is mainly applied in compression moulding of SMC sheets. This serie of
       press has reached international advanced standard.
    2.Adopt cartridge valve integration system characterized by little impact,reliable movement, little leakage and long service
       life; Enjoy automatic lubrication system for guide rails. (Such technology is introduced from Taiwan.)
    3.Mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration safety devices,for example,lower chamber support for the oil cylinder,
       interlock circuit of upper and lower chambers,alloffering perfect safety. (We introduced advanced Taiwan hydraulic
    4.Pressure and stroke(travel) setting is easy to be done within a certain range as per production requirements. It is also 
       functioned by adjustable pressure holding time delay.
    5.Adopt PLC + Touch Screen integration control. There are 3 operation manners,adjustable,manual and semiautomatic.
    Specially for the following industries:
    1.Compression moulding of SMC / BMC / GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics).
    2.Auto Industry: steel ring, vehicle body, chasis,axle housing, oil tank, door, etc.
    3.Household Appliance Industry: components of air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, electric cooker and so on.
    4.Kitchen Ware Industry: stainless steel utensil,gas cylinder,stainless steel sink,cooking bench, etc.
    Applied in shallow stretching, blanking,bending and flanging of metal sheets and compression moulding of SMC sheets.

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