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    Thermoplastic Molding Press(for LFT-D production line)
    Name: Thermoplastic Molding Press(for LFT-D production line)
    Model: TT-LM5000T/MY
    Num: L59

    Forced cooling system   Servo hydraulic system
    Die changing system    Four corners parallelism system

    Product Details

    1. Gantry frame structure with removable tie bar, strong machine rigidity, easy to install.
    2. Use eight side guiding system, high precision, strong anti-side load.
    3. All hydraulic systems are all installed on the upper platform to ensure oil tank / main cylinder / oil pump / valve block are absolutely compacted,  with advantage of low shock, short pipeline, low noise.
    4.Fast up and fast down speed will be more than 500mm/s, by using piston-type accumulator, pressure can be builded up instantly and stable absolutely.
    5.With directly access fiber extruder, glass fiber length is uniform and no dust pollution.
    6.Suitable robot can be equipped according to customers’products size.

    Apply for molding thermoplastic products as well as thermosetting products.

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