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Warmly welcome to visit us on China Composites Expo 2018 in Shanghai

Warmly welcome to visit us on China Composites Expo 2018 in Shanghai

Warmly welcome to visit Taitian at Booth No. Hall 1 B435. China Comosites Expo is one of exhibitions that Taitian do always attend every year. China Composites Expo is the largest and most influential...

Congratulation of the well installation of 7800Tons and 3600tons productions line


Two automatic production line (7800Tons and 2400tons) for automobile metal components has been commissioned well in customer's factory now. There are total 14 sets hydraulic press in these two production, it is including 1set 2400Tons ,1 set 1600Tons ,4 sets 1000Tons,5 sets 800Tons, 3 sets 350Tons,All hydraulic Deep Drawing Press has short punching funchion.  Below are the main lightspots for production line :

1. Pure servo control system for effective energy saving and environment protection

2. Adopt the Japan Yaskawa robot for manless production.

3. Each machine has both punching and deep drawing function, which can be switched freely.

4. Front movable bottom bolster, it is easy for mould maintainance and products pickup.

These hydraulic deep drawing is used for stamping and deep drawing of battery cover of new energy electric vehicles.Taitian has sold many such production line for punching and drawing the battery cover to domestic customer and foreign customer.

In response to the increasingly prominent fuel supply and demand contradictions and environmental pollution problems, the world's major automobile manufacturers have to speed up the deployment of new energy vehicles will be developed as a national strategy to accelerate the development of technology and industrialization, while vigorously develop and promote the use of automotive energy-saving technologies. Energy-saving and new energy vehicles have become the international automotive industry development direction, the next 10 years will usher in the global automotive industry transformation and upgrading of the important strategic opportunities. At present, China's automobile production and sales scale has been ranked first in the world, is expected in the next period of time will continue to grow.


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