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Warmly welcome to visit us on China Composites Expo 2018 in Shanghai

Warmly welcome to visit us on China Composites Expo 2018 in Shanghai

Warmly welcome to visit Taitian at Booth No. Hall 1 B435. China Comosites Expo is one of exhibitions that Taitian do always attend every year. China Composites Expo is the largest and most influential...


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  • Hydraulic Press for Compsites Material
    Hydraulic Press for Composites SMC/BMC/GRP/FRP/GMT Molding
    SMC molding press is used for compression moulding of SMC BMC GMT and other composites material. 1. The frame is analyzed by finite element computer, and each frame is subjected to annealing and aging treatment after welding to eliminate welding stress, effectively control the amount of deformation, and ensure the strength, rigidity and service life of the frame; 2. It adopts servo pump control system and logic proportional control, which has the characteristics of simple system, convenient operation, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection. 3. The integrated layout of the pipeline, compact and less leakage, and multiple safety protection circuits, with a sensitive response to meet the long-term safety production needs; 4. Adopt Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC programmable controller, human-machine interface adopts Chinese/English color touch screen, electric control cabinet strong/weak current separation, wiring are all in accordance with CE requirements. It has the characteristics of being in line with international standards, strong identification, easy to read and write, and simple to operate;
  • Hydraulic Press for Composites Forming
    5000T Hydraulic Composites Forming Press
    This equipment is specially used for compression molding of thermosetting/thermoplastic composite materials, including SMC, BMC, DMC, GMT, LFT-D, LFT-G and other materials; such materials are widely used in ships, automobiles, building materials, electric power Electrical appliances, electronic communications, rail transit, home improvement and bathroom, animal husbandry, aerospace and other fields.

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