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Carbon Fiber Hot Forming Machine For Bicycle
  • Carbon Fiber Hot Forming Machine For BicycleCarbon Fiber Hot Forming Machine For Bicycle

Carbon Fiber Hot Forming Machine For Bicycle

As the professional manufacturers, we would like to provide you Latest selling TAITIAN Carbon Fiber Hot Forming Machine For Bicycle. For over 40 years, we’ve been a one-stop partner to key industries!
Item No.: TT-LM100T
Payment: T/T,L/C
Product Origin: China
Color: As Per Customer's Requirement
Shipping Port: Qingdao,Shanghai
Min Order: 1 Set
Lead Time: About 3-4 Months

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Latest selling TAITIAN Carbon Fiber Hot Forming Machine For Bicycle. TAITIAN offers Carbon Fiber Press which also called hot forming press machine, with advanced Taiwan technology, TAITIAN hot forming press machines thanks to a senior Taiwan engineer who has been dedicating himself to research and development of hydraulic system for more than 40 years.Hot forming press machine has single layer and multi-layer, TAITIAN is able to built the press as per customer’s requirement.


This equipment is specially used for hot pressing/compression molding of various carbon fiber, aramid fiber, PTFE fiber and other high-performance fiber materials, including PCM, wet molding, RTM, HP-RTM and other processes. In automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic, sports equipment, medical equipment, rail transit, aerospace, military equipment and other fields.


1. Carbon Fiber Forming Press has multi-layer design saves space and enjoys high production efficiency.

2. Optimization of one set of power pack for several presses for option.

3. Heating manner, like electric heating tube, steam heating or heating by heat transfer oil is free for choice.

4. PLC+Touch Screen integrated control allows pressure, temperature and sectional air inflation to be adjustable.

5.  The Hot Forming Press Machine is specially designed, using Henan Wugang medium and heavy plate as raw material, through finite element analysis, two-guaranteed welding annealing and aging treatment, eliminating welding stress, strictly controlling the deformation of the frame, and meeting the user's requirements for product forming.


▶ Single Press, Multi-Presses;

▶ Single Table, Multi-Tables (High speed production capacity);

▶ Die Change Trolley;

▶ Upper Table Heating System, Lower Table Heating System;

▶ Mould Heating System;

▶ Industrial oil cooler/condensate water circulation system;

▶ Lower moving table, upper table turning.

Applications of Carbon fiber forming press machine:

Hot Forming Hydraulic Press Machine is used in hot forming carbon fiber materials like electronics housings and sports goods and bicycle.

Hydraulic Control System

Hydraulic control system takes high precision logic valving system as standard. Pipeline configuration is simple and clear, making maintenance easy. Pipeline connection way preferentially adopts flange joint to avoid oil .

All motors, pumps and pipes are fitted based on advanced Taiwan technology to achieve shock-resistance.

Electric Control System

Electric box is featured with dustproof, waterproof and oil proof. Adopt Schneider electric units to ensure high quality. All units to ensure high quality. All units have labels, so it's clear to identify and easy to maintain.

Taitian Hydraulic is an ISO, SGS, CE and CSA certified company, we offer you various hydraulic press machine and other series of composite molding presses. Welcome to buy Carbon Fiber Hot Forming Press Machine from our factory which is made in China ,contact us and get a detail on our machine.

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